We're looking for contributors who share our mission of elevating Asian American stories.

We're offering a $225 stipend for contributors to develop a topic of their choosing, to be published in digital article format on The Yellow Papers.
You will have access to TYP engineering, design, and editing resources as you develop your topic. We will work together to build interactions, illustrations, and content as necessary.
Here are a few guidelines around that process:

Medium: the only rule we have is that your idea must be published in a digital format via TYP. This doesn't mean it has to be a traditional journalistic piece — we can develop custom layouts and interactions for your content.

Relevancy: how does your idea help explore, define, or celebrate the Asian American experience? We’re looking for potential contributions that can help advance our mission.

Originality: are you presenting a novel topic or a fresh point of view? Even if the particular subject itself is already broadly discussed, maybe you have a creative way or approaching it!

Craft: how are you specifically going to contribute to this idea, and what will you need help on from others? Ideally, you have a general skeleton of what the end product will look like, and also a realistic picture of what you want to handle on your own (are you a writer or photographer?), and what you might need help on (an illustration or data analysis?).

We’re excited to hear your ideas and are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with talented members of our community. Fill out this form if you have an exciting piece you want to develop with us.